Architecture and management


You can install Medicalbench® on your PC and / or in your server environment.

To avoid both potential privacy issues and to create a direct link with a measuring instrument Medicalbench® also works without an active internet connection on your PC or tablet.

Medicalbench® is an open platform which provides connections to your administrative systems (Health Information System) and your measurement instruments.

Web services and data exchanges are possible in a secured way. Personal data (first name, family name, day of birth) will not be transferred from your administration environment.

Medicalbench® is available on Windows and Linux hardware platform.


Each patient / client can indicate whether it is allowed to share the results in the cloud.


After registration Medicalbench® will e-mail the keys needed to work with it in your local area.

Data in the cloud are anonymised.

Exchange of data on the network and to the cloud is secure and encrypted.


At the time of installation and at the time of logging all necessary reference data such as news, diagnosis and intervention codes are synchronized with your implementation.

Each measurement is directly shared with the cloud when approved by the patient. This way the measurement done is used in real-time benchmarking.


Periodic updates will be available. A new version can be downloaded and installed at a time suitable to you.

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