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Why is Medicalbench® focussed on result?

Our goal is to help patients relieve their complaints. The result of treatment and the satisfaction of the patient determine to what extend we achieve our goal.

Why is there no complaint history available in Medicalbench®?

Medicalbench® is focussed on assessment and thus reduces the work of documentation to on average less than one minute for a consultation or treatment; without loosing relevance.

The treatment variables determined from the medical history and physical examination (pain, mobility, strength, coordination, etc.) are the starting point for the documentation and benchmarking; Complaints description, details of treatment, side effects, etc. can be noted in remark fields.

In addition, other documents can be added as a PDF to the patient record in the future.

Is it necessary to use WHO Standard ICD-10?

No, it is even possible to document the course of treatment and the results without providing a diagnosis. But if you want to compare results, then you need to compare "apples with apples and pears with pears" and for that a diagnosis is necessary.

To make this easier you can also use your "own" diagnosis codes if these can be linked to ICD-10.

How is my data used?

If you only document information locally then your data is not used elsewhere.

If you want to compare the data with other patients and your patient agrees, then the name of the patient is removed from his medical data before transfer to our server; this way personal data will not leave your computer.

On our server the data will be compared with all other comparable (diagnosis and treatment size) data. The results of this comparison are made available to you immediately in a graphical presentation to support your decision-making process.

How secure are my data?

Because no patient data can leave your practice no one can derive to whom the data relates. In addition, we have tested our software by using ethical hackers and made it as safe as possible in accordance with their advices.

Because each user has a unique password, it is only possible for others to see your data if they know your password.

For safety reasons you additionally received a Private and Public Key for installation of your Medicalbench®.

Only if someone has your keys, has your password and copied your encrypted database he can use your previously created data.

Do I need approval from my patients when using Medicalbench®?

The use of Medicalbench® is comparable to the collegial handling of patient data; like when you ask your colleague, without disclosing specific patient information: I have a patient with diagnosis X-1, what would you do and how are your results?

If the patient firmly prohibits his data to be exchanged with anyone, then you can prevent sharing of information by simply selecting this option at your patient's record in Medicalbench®.

How reliable are the data?

The validity of the data is largely determined by the quality of the assessment. The quality of the assesment is determined by the validity of the measuring instruments, certain measuring method and the accuracy of the test.

Moreover, the reliability depends on the accuracy of the entered data; diagnoses, testing methods, the date of application, etc.

Due to the ever growing database and the use of better instruments, methods, codes for training methods, etc. the reliability of the data increases.

Why is Medicalbench® Standalone version for free?

Only when many therapists on a common platform share their data with each other, the significance of the treatment data increases.

If Medicalbench® is not available for free, then many marketplayers will program similar products and thus trying to make money. This results in different and smaller data sources, what the value of the treatment data reduces.

For add-on products, such as the network version, with which a praxis owner can manage the quality at the staff level for instance, revenues are generated to fund further development, maintenance and management of Medicalbench®.

What is the difference between Medicalbench® Network and the Medicalbench® Standalone version?

In the network version a client is committed once and all treatment results in any workplace available.

Thus, all treatment results of your organization are centralized at one point and for every one available.

The Standalone version is only available on one workstation. Data are not mutually exchanged between workstations.

Who is responsible for treatment if Medicalbench® is consulted?

The therapist is responsible. Medicalbench® provides the statistical basis of the data on which the therapist can determine how useful and reliable the data are.

Why can I use the benchmarking data only as I deliver data myself?

The principle of Collaborative quality management is data sharing. Only those who shares data one-on-one with others, can make use of the commonality of the data and perform benchmarkings (sharing leads to benefits).

Could someone else can view my data?

Only you can access your data, otherwise in the central database the data will be combined with data of others.

In the central database of Medicalbench® other participants will never trace the origin of the data.

If you want that other people view your data, then you need to extract the data from your Medicalbench® database on your PC.

Can I delete my data again and finish my membership?

You can remove your measurement results at any time within a period of 1 day after synchronization to Medicalbench® Central database.

You may terminate your membership at any time, and then save and use your own Medicalbench® database in your practice .

You do not need Internet access on your computer in order to capture the data.

We can not, however, remove your information from our central system, because your data is important for other participants carrying out benchmarking which is based on your treatment results too.

Why do I receive a monthly practice examination report?

If you want you receive automatically a monthly benchmark report for your treated diagnosis. Your treatment results were compared with all other participants. So you can see where you realized good results and where not.

As it is normal for comparing you will score above the benchmark (average) in certain diagnoses, but also that you scores worser in other diagnoses.

For the diagnoses where you score above average, you encourage others to improve themselves. Herein for diagnoses where you score worse than the benchmark, you are triggered to improve. With Medicalbench® we help each other in this process of continuous improvement.

What can I do if I want to use a test which is not included in Medicalbench® yet?

There are many assessment or measurement tools available. In Medicalbench® the most common tools are integrated. Such as pain, mobility, etc.. We like to provide other instruments also. If you want to add a test or measurement please contact us and give specifications of it, so we add your measurment tool. After synchronization and activate you can use this tool and include it in your therapeutic treatments.

We prefer to add instruments with validated methods. This requires some exploration and consultation time. In the meantime, you can treat your clients while using the available tools.

Will my data be stored in a backup?

You must provide the backup of the database Medicalbench® in your own environment, PC or network server, yourself. This can vary between a continuous copy to a regular hardcopy on another drive or NAS.

If you want install Medicalbench® on another PC, you can transfer a copy of the database after you installed Medicalbench® on new device.

In case you have a disk crash and your copy is not available, we can not reconstruct your data, because we do not have your patient records.

On our side, Medicalbench® Central database, we have a multiple and full backup, because of high availability requirements.

Can I ask other questions?

Yes, always. We'd love to. You can ask your questions through our contact form or within the Medicalbench® community.

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